Wedding Supplies and More

The cost of a wedding is around $25,000, and that is not counting the engagement ring or the honeymoon. With a cost this high, it not surprising that couples are trying to save on wedding supplies. Couples may think that by cutting back on a few things that they are not going to be able to reduce the total cost of the wedding by much, but the opposite is true. This is because there are so many categories in a wedding budget that even cutting back on one-third or one-half of them can greatly reduce the cost of wedding supplies.

Not every wedding needs to have every single supply that a dream wedding fit for a prince and princess must have. The first step in cutting back is to determine what is really needed for the wedding. Those who insist on having formal weddings with elegant sit-down meals at their reception do not need to save money on supplies because they apparently have enough cash to host an elegant wedding affair. Everyone else needs to look at one of the many wedding budget lists that can be found online that lists all of the possible supplies needed for a wedding. If a couple has a small budget for their wedding, it is easy to immediately cross off some supplies, such as reception menus. When the budget is low, the food will probably be a catered buffet of cold cuts and other economical foods. A reception menu is not needed at all.

Wedding SuppliesA creative couple can find many other ways to reduce the cost of supplies. Many items can be made by one of them, or the bride may want to ask a few of her friends help her make some of the supplies. Invitations and paper goods are easy to make at home, but they do take time. It is possible to make professional looking invitations by using a photo of the happy couple that has been taken with a digital camera and downloaded onto a pc.

There are free websites that allow someone to upload the photo onto an invitation template that provides choices of font and information that goes on it. It can then be printed by the professional online printing company that provides the template service, or some of them will allow the invitations to be printed on a home printer. If good quality card stock paper is used, the invitations will look very good. With a tiny white bow glued on with a glue gun, or some other decorations, they will look even better.

Other paper goods are also easy enough to make, rather than paying two or three times the amount by ordering them ready made. Ceremony programs can also be made from a template, or a creative friend can design them. Place cards are also simple to make, and it is also possible to make thank you cards with an online template. Many modern couples are using colors in their invitations, rather than the traditional white bond with raised gold lettering. Why not design the place cards and thank you cards with the same wedding colors as the ones on the invitation? When you purchase paper in bulk, it is almost always cheaper, so this will save money as well.

It is often possible to rent a venue at a greatly reduced price for a Friday wedding rather than on Saturday, and if money is really short, the couple may want to plan a warm weather outdoor wedding that can be quite romantic and beautiful. Fewer flowers and decorations are necessary during the spring and summer months when the trees are in bloom and there are flowers in the park or area where the ceremony is held. Even an outdoor wedding needs tables and chairs for guests, and wedding tent, plus the tables and chairs may be available at a discount if the couple does some price checking.