Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten wedding bands are very popular, and they are replacing gold and platinum wedding bands for many couples. Tungsten rings are made with the hardest metal used today to make rings. This metal is harder than steel, titanium, or gold. Couples often prefer tungsten rings because any design on the rings will last for a lifetime. The metal is scratch-resistant and will not show wear like gold does after years of wear. Most tungsten rings are sold with a lifetime warranty. They are low in price and very affordable. It is possible to buy a tungsten wedding band for under $100 on sale on the Internet.

Rising gold prices have driven many engaged couples to look for alternatives with lower price tags. A tungsten men’s wedding band may cost $200, but the exact same band in platinum could cost nearly $2,000 and close to $1,000 for white gold. Both rings look exactly the same, and tungsten has a lifetime guarantee that it will stay looking new. This makes them very attractive to consumers. Also, tungsten wedding bands are made in style similar to those in gold or platinum, so there is no need to settle for a plain band if the couple wants some added design on their wedding rings.

Couples may choose a set of matching bands, or the bride may buy a wedding band for her fiancé if she will be married with a band that matches her engagement ring. The finish of the ring, the color of the metal, and the edges are the features that make these rings unique. Edges may be beveled, knife-cut, step edges and many more. Many people prefer a polished finish to their ring because of the shine that will last a lifetime or more. It is also possible to buy rings with a brushed, satin, or matte finish that provides a completely different look. The ring itself may be domed or concave with etching or designs, such as the symbol that is all the way around Celtic tungsten rings. Some styles are laser engraved with Celtic knot designs or Celtic patterns engraved onto a gold plated surface on the ring.

Colors of tungsten rings are usually white, but black is also a popular choice. White rings are made in many more styles than black ones, such as diamond faceted styles or those with brushed metal around the band and polished metal edges. Plain narrow domed white tungsten rings are available that can be used as a set to coordinate with a diamond engagement ring. Customers who want diamonds in their wedding bands will find them in tungsten styles. A small black, blue, or clear diamond is often set in the center of the front of the band, while others have tiny diamonds all around the band. Other unique styles have inlays of colorful blue carbon fiber or white carbon fiber in a woven look.

One advantage of tungsten wedding bands, especially for men who work in construction or other jobs that may damage a traditional gold wedding band, is that the tungsten material is so durable that the band will not break. It also will not scratch or wear down. Tungsten tends to feel heavy on the hand, which is often not desirable for women, but most men do not seem to mind the extra weight on their finger. Many jewelers mix carbon into the tungsten material, and the rings are then called tungsten carbide rings. Unfortunately, some people have an allergic reaction to tungsten carbide that they do not have when only tungsten is used to make their ring.  For many couples, tungsten wedding bands are a great alternative to traditional gold rings because of the cheaper price, interesting styles, and durability that they provide.