Wedding Favors

Pen Wedding Favors for That Special Day

Charming wedding favors add sparkle to any wedding and delight your guests. During wedding planning, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast number of lovely choices in these little gifts, featuring everything from edibles to memorabilia. One easy choice you can make is pen wedding favors. It may sound pedestrian, but just wait until you explore the possibilities of this practical and, yes, romantic idea.

Personalized Pens Make Distinctive Wedding Favors
Personalized pens make super guest gifts because they are gender neutral and they will stir fond memories of that special day every time they are used. The possibilities start with a very simple style that features the name of bride and groom and the wedding date, set on a ball point pen in silver or gold and adorned with wedding images ranging from bells to hearts to wedding cakes. One wonderful twist on this design is a pen with room for up to four rotating messages on the barrel, all of which can be customized. “James and Tiffany’s Special Day” might be one; the wedding date another; a phrase from the couple’s vows a third; and a favorite saying like “The first day of the rest of our lives” a fourth.

Remember that pens given as wedding favors do not have to be utilitarian in design. They can be encrusted with sparkles and costume jewels (or if your budget permits, real ones!) matching your wedding colors or themes. Or chose gleaming finishes of pewter or copper or the deeply lustrous look of wood. Imprint the barrel with a photo of the bride and groom or of the location of the wedding, particularly if it is a spectacular setting.

Creativity Can Liven Up Your Wedding Favors
You can go a little more creative with something like flower pot pens. Ball point pens each topped with a different artificial flower and set in tiny pots of ceramic or terra cotta will bring the reception tables ablaze with color. Coordinate with your centerpieces and your wedding favors will transform the room into a garden paradise. Other clever ideas are pens attached to tiny notebooks. Make them special by designing the notebook covers and the pens with your wedding colors and a personalized message. With these gifts, your guests will have practical presents that they can use to capture their memories of your special day or tuck away in a purse or pocket.

If your taste in wedding favors inclines towards whimsy, you can find pens with holders shaped like hearts or wedding bells. Try a slim pen with a ring that doubles as a key chain. And don’t feel bound by tradition; decorate the barrels in polka dots, abstract designs, bold primary colors if you want. You can even consider going for character pens; if bride and groom are known to be fond of Disney or A.A. Milne, go with a pen unabashedly featuring a cartoon Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Or tuck the pens into the paws of a small stuffed Winnie the Pooh.

Pen Wedding Favors Can be Elegant
If your budget permits, you can consider one of the most elegant ideas, the blown glass pen. These creative implements feature an ordinary ball point pen encased in delicate-appearing blown glass. While they look fragile and romantic, they are also functional and practical. Delicate designs on the barrel glass enhance the magic.

Another entry in the elegant category of wedding favors is giving pen sets to each guest. Atop a lining of deep velvet in a beautiful box, a fountain pen with a ballpoint or mechanical pencil bespeaks success and abundance. While these types of wedding favors are on the pricier side, if they suit your plans and pocketbook, you could not give a more memorable item.

A gift of pens can help you and your guests remember the wedding forever!